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We produce a wide range of learning and practice materials to help you to prepare for your test. There are some free samples here for you to download, and you can purchase a full set of practice materials from your nearest test centre .

It is not necessary to attend an IELTS preparation course though it is, of course, a good idea to prepare thoroughly for the test.

The IELTS Specimen Materials have been produced according to Cambridge ESOL's Question Paper Production cycle and are the only preparation resources that are endorsed by all three IELTS partners.

NEW IELTS Specimen Materials

A revised edition of the Specimen Materials will be available from 24 January 2005. This edition will contain a complete new Listening test and nine new Academic and General Training Writing tasks.

There is also a detailed explanation of the revised assessment criteria for Writing tests (in use from January 2005), with 10 scripts rated according to the new rating scales, plus Examiner comments.

Click here to order the IELTS Specimen Materials (January 2005 edition).

Online Sample Materials

Available on this site:

Academic Reading Sample

Academic Writing Sample

General Training Reading Sample

General Training Writing Sample

Speaking Sample

If you would like further assistance with test preparation, many IELTS test centres and language schools offer IELTS preparation courses. There are also other publications available from bookshops or direct from the publishers which familiarise candidates with the format and style of the IELTS test.